Open Heart Rhythms
Holistic Fitness For Health & Wealth of Being
Life is
Fun = Fitness
"Open hearts, loving kindness, and the stretched out hand of tolerance - all the things that make peace on earth." from "The Bishop's Wife"
Hello! Thank you for your interest in "Open Heart Rhythms" which has evolved from my vision to share my unique talents, and bring people together in a fun and relaxed atmosphere to strengthen their physical and energetic bodies while renewing and remembering their connection to each other, the earth, and Spirit.

It combines my lifelong passion for physical fitness and healthy lifestyle and diet with the essential recognition of our energetic nature, our interconnectedness with each other and Universal Abundance, and the Divinity and power that is at the core of each and every human being.

My approach is simple: Play & Have Fun!
All of my classes are developed with this fundamental premise in mind, because - well- it's fun! - but, also it is a natural way to raise our energetic vibration, and automatically begin attracting desirable outcomes into our experience. Additionally, I would like to challenge the outmoded and false belief that maintaining wealth of being at any age is a difficult and onerous chore. Loving and caring for ourselves physically, energetically, and spiritually is natural and joyful.

In these exciting times, it is my greatest joy and true honor to join with you with an open heart, and share my passion for this work and for life itself, and, also, to facilitate, encourage, and support your experience of wealth of being with grace and ease.
Wishing you love and blessings! Namaste!
Rose Zubrzycki, CPT, PAI, OAF