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Open Heart Rhythms
Holistic Fitness For Health & Wealth of Being
Life is
Fun = Fitness
"To play is to loosen the sense of struggle that comes from trying to do something. It is to engage the universe with a sense of joy and childlike wonder"....Richard Bartlett, Matrix Energetics
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Holistic Fitness & Consciousness Classes
Physical fitness, self-discovery, and well being are the focus of this class using a variety of musical rhythms and favorite songs from all eras; combining low impact structured and free form dance, as well as innovative energy movements, and heartfelt guided meditations.

Play, laugh, and open your heart in a safe and loving space. Renew, strengthen and tone your physical and energetic bodies reducing stress, and increasing flexibility, balance, energy, and wealth of being using structured dance, with easy low impact movements, expressive free form dance, and innovative energy movements interfaced with great music and wrapped up with a heartfelt guided meditation.

Raise your vibration and embody more of YOU as you tap into the joy within and nurture every aspect of your being.

Wear comfortable clothes. Bring water and mat
Everyone welcome! No experience necessary.

Class 75 minutes------------------------------ $15.00
Open Heart Rhythms Fitness Dance Class
Personal Training/ Life Coaching
One on one in the comfort of your home
Focus is on healthy lifestyle and increased awareness, as well as, physical fitness, energy work, and meditation - and always great music!

$35.00 per hour session
"Ultimately your greatest teacher is to live with an open heart." ...Emmanuel
One stop to nurture mind, body, and spirit!
Returning Rhythms Workshop
Powerful connections!
Benefit physically and spiritually, and find greater ease in manifesting desires and wealth of being by renewing connection to powerful natural cycles of the earth, the elements, moon cycles, and celestial archetypes.
Workshop focuses on simply and concisely teaching the basics of working with the Earth cycles, moon cycles, elements, and celestial archetypes, as well as calling in Sacred Space and holding ceremony.
Rhythms of Rejuvenation Class
Talk to your cellular structure!
Remember your multidimensional self and reactivate your DNA for wealth of being and longevity. Our biology has designed intelligence in every cell just waiting for us to connect and direct it! Learn how, using tones, words, movements, and breath with intention, and more.
Golden Dolphin Pod Gathering
Spread the love frequency!
An opportunity for like minded humans who know of their divinity to gather together for joyful celebration. Playful, high vibration fun, with dancing, singing, and intention for the highest good and peace on earth.
"Conscious Creation Dance Class"
Be a "New Age" Mover & Shaker, literally!
Enjoy fun, structured and free form dance & innovative energy movements to great music for physical well being and raised vibration

Group discussion and collaboration, exploring high vibration multi-dimensional living & co-creating


And more!
We will literally play in the field of infinite potential, taking time to sing and dance with joy and laughter, raising our vibration, caring for and integrating our physical bodies, opening our hearts, and harmonizing our energy field.

We will, also, together use the exponentially increased power of the group to dream the New Earth in highest service and vibration. We are free to consciously co-create and re-create everything in love in this quantum NOW. Now more than ever group gatherings and meditations for coherent co-creation of the Earth are effective and of paramount importance.

We truly are remembering, garnering, and activating, dormant powers, as we realize our natural state of being; for we have always been infinite Beings who are not limited in any way.

This class is a vehicle to gracefully ease us into our "new" multidimensional way of Being, to help us gain confidence in and practice our newly rediscovered abilities, as well as a catalyst to continue to expand in ability and consciousness---and a celebration of us!

Join us as we, in gratitude and perfect self-love, fully embrace and focus our considerable energy on the Truth of our Oneness and limitlessness as multi-dimensional sovereign Beings of the One Source, and joyfully and enthusiastically begin planting the seeds for the creation of the New Earth.
We are the ones we have been waiting for, and NOW is the time!
Wear comfortable clothes. Bring water & mat
Only $20.00 for this 2 hour class
Everyone welcome!
3 Free classes!!! Saturdays, March 17, 24 & 31

Location: Voorhees Towne Center, Meeting Room
1st floor near Boscov's, Voorhees Twsp, NJ

10:30 am to 11:45 am

space is limited call ahead 856 229 1407